Chantal White
Real estate broker Certified AEO
Do you think of selling your property?
Do you think of selling your property?
Do you think of buying a property?
Your brokerage contract has expired?
You want the right time and no nice promises?

Before making your decision, contact me for a meeting without obligation 😉

Since 2002,
I have guided hundreds of young families to realize their dreams of becoming homeowners.
I guided first buyers, who wanted to leave the family nest, to find their own nest.
I helped struggling couples (financial, separations, etc.), reduced their stress, selling their property and buying their new lives.
I listened to the needs of the bereaved in an estate, taking care of everything for them.
I took care of the investment of a senior's life, wanting at all costs, protect their investment and avoid any stress related to this transaction. Because selling is not always an option.
I found the perfect investment for investors.
I sold hundreds of properties, to the delight of these.
I canceled purchase offers, in the sole interest of my clients.
My goal is not to place a sign on your lot to win the contest for the largest number of signs in your area, or register your property at any price, asking you to lower it 3 weeks later and every month thereafter. I do not work on volume, because for me, quality is more important than quantity.
In real estate, the first days are the most important for marketing a property and the first few seconds of a buyer's visit, determines whether or not he will buy your property. This is why I will explain in detail, what to do or not to do, to successfully sell your property at the best price and the best conditions.
If my career profile, my CV or these testimonials convinced you that I am the person in whom you can trust to realize your project, do not hesitate to contact me for a meeting without obligation, to evaluate your project .
Looking forward to helping you realize your real estate project.

Your trusted broker since 2002

Chantal White, Real Estate Consultant
Certified Real Estate Broker DA
White Buildings, Real Estate Services
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